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C-PORT Organizational Goals and Objectives

1. To effectively represent the Marine Assistance Industry among policymakers from Congress, the administration and other governmental agencies, including preventing the enactment of new regulations or laws that threaten to impose mandates, taxes, or new burdens on the industry.

2. To continue our successful partnership with the U.S. Coast Guard, maintaining the objective of open dialogue, to address government and industry concerns that develop.

3. To continue to combat unfair competition against the Marine Assistance Industry from federal, state and local governmental public safety and other agencies through education.

4. To provide high quality, low cost member services and benefits which increase the professionalism and lower the cost of operating a Marine Assistance business.

5. To keep C-PORT members informed of developments affecting their businesses through the association's newsletter, C-PORT News, and legislative alerts.

6. To promote and continue to build upon professional standards through the ACAPT program, and research and develop new and identifiable benefits for those firms meeting ACAPT standards.

7. To undertake efforts to recruit new members, keeping C-PORT a growing and viable organization able to effectively represent the industry’s views.

8. To publicize the many benefits of the Marine Assistance Industry with the media and the general public by means of the website, press information, and other efforts.

9. To hold a meeting at which issues affecting the Marine Assistance Industry are effectively discussed and debated.

These goals are established so that C-PORT may remain focused on its mission while working within a limited budget and with limited resources.

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