Q: How will my vessels be recognized as ACAPT?

ACAPT decals for each vessel along with a letter is sent to each ACAPT company each year.  The letter of certification may be used when contracting with entities as well as for proof of ACAPT status for the insurance discount offered by Starkweather & Shepley when insured through their C-PORT program.

Q: Do I have to have all of my vessels examined every year?

A: To maintain ACAPT status, company owners attest that they have maintained their vessels according to the checklists on a yearly basis.  Random audits are conducted every 5 years with the company owner being responsible to have a professional marine surveyor examine their vessels.  New additions may be added to ACAPT status upon verification by a marine surveyor of meeting the ACAPT status best practices.  The marine surveyor must be a NAMS or SAMS professional.

Q: If I am a C-PORT member, am I required to join ACAPT?

A: C-PORT does not require ACAPT status of its members, however; it is recommended that every firm participates ACAPT program.  Along with the positive professional exposure to the boating community, it is a precursor to the potential of USCG vessel inspection regulations.  C-PORT membership is not required for ACAPT status.

Q: Where can an interested person get more information about this program?

A: Anyone who is interested in finding out more about the ACAPT program may email us at,  or call us at (954) 261-2012.