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C-PORT Adds New Risk Management Course

16-Feb-2015 C-PORT is pleased to announce an addition to the Risk Management Course library is now available online.  The C-PORT Risk Management program centers on these concepts:

Risk: “possibility of loss or injury”
Risk Management: “The identification, analysis, assessment, control, and avoidance, minimization, or elimination of unacceptable risks. 

Newly added, "The Illusion of Certainty", first presented at the 28th C-PORT Conference and Membership Meeting this past November, is now available online.  As the author commented, ""Don't be so Sure!" Certainty is an illusion. It is an illusion that can be caused by adrenaline, excitement and even anger. To create a feeling of certainty, the brain must filter out far more information than it ever processes, which, of course, greatly increases the chances that you are missing something. In other words, the more certain you feel about something, the more likely it is that you are wrong. Knowing more about the concept of certainty while underway will help us to make better decisions based on something more tangible than "being sure"."  Those who missed the course at the conference and those who wish to share this valuable knowledge with their captains and crew, may do so by downloading the product online. 

C-PORT is committed to bringing industry specific training to our members.  Our mission is to provide our members with programs that will enable their growth and development into the future and will promote their professionalism throughout the boating community.  Managing risk is part of our daily routine.  The inherent benefits of a safe, risk managed company include better insurance premiums, smoother cash flow within the company, a good reputation in the community and the industry and long term financial success.  

C-PORT members may purchase the online courses at a special rate by visiting the C-PORT website course library at  Non-members may download the courses at the regular price.


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