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C-PORT Announces New Advocacy Award

C-PORT Announces New Advocacy Award!
Seeks Nominations for Three Prestigious Awards

C-PORT, Conference of Professional Operators for Response Towing, is seeking nominations for three prestigious awards to be presented at the 29th C-PORT Conference and Membership Meeting being held on January 11- January 13, 2016.  One award is new to the association, the C-PORT Advocacy Award along the AFRAS Lifesaving Award and the C-PORT Compass Rose Award.

C-PORT Advocacy Award – This newly created award is a way to recognize a deserving C-PORT member for their service to the association and to the marine assistance industry through advocacy and leadership.  It will be presented annually to honor the memory of Capt. Joe Frohnhoefer, one of the founders of C-PORT.  “The marine assistance industry lost a great advocate when Capt. Joe Frohnhoefer, founder of Sea Tow International and one of the founders of C-PORT, passed away this past March,” explained Tina Cardone, executive director, C-PORT.  “The association wants to honor his memory and promote his advocacy zeal for our industry through this award”.  C-PORT’s mission is to represent, promote, protect and defend its member companies through communication, relationship development and education.  “Joe did all those things with a drive and a passion”, added Terry Hill, chairman, C-PORT.  Read more...Seeking Award Nominees

AFRAS Lifesaving Award - Going on its sixth year, C-PORT is pleased to announce that AFRAS (Association for Rescue at Sea) will continue its program to annually recognize a deserving member of C-PORT for their rescue efforts.  The Association for Rescue at Sea (AFRAS) was formed in 1976 to foster traditional maritime search and rescue values through suitable recognition of deserving personnel, and to facilitate cooperation in search and rescue.  The Award will be conferred on a C-PORT member individual or group of individuals who perform exceptional acts in attempting to save life in the maritime environment. Read more...Seeking Award Nominees

C-PORT Compass Rose Award - C-PORT is seeking nominations for the C-PORT Compass Rose Award.  This award is presented to someone who is dedicated to making the marine assistance industry better through their hard work and desire to make boating an enjoyable experience for everyone.  The recipient is a leader with true direction, high personal standards and will go above and beyond in any situation.  Read more...Seeking Award Nominees

Cardone asked that nominations for all awards be emailed to or mailed directly to the C-PORT office at 3640-B3 North Federal Hwy #136, Lighthouse Point, FL 33064.  “Nominations may be sent at any time so long as they are received no later than October 15, 2015,” stated Cardone. “This allows sufficient time for the vetting of the nominations.”


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