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C-PORT Honors Marine Assistance Operator with Compass Rose Award


C-PORT Honors Marine Assistance Operator

Compass Rose Award

C-PORT (Conference of Professional Operators for Response Towing) presented the first Compass Rose Award to a deserving member of the marine assistance industry.  “A compass rose shows true direction,” explained Tina Cardone, Executive Director.  “This award is presented to someone who is dedicated to making the marine assistance industry better through their hard work and desire to make boating an enjoyable experience for everyone they meet.”  This award was presented at the 25th Annual C-PORT Conference held January 8-January 9, 2012 at Tampa, FL.

Presenting the award was Chris Shaffner, C-PORT Chairman.  “It is a privilege to present this award to Lee McCune.  He embodied the meaning of this award, always working for the betterment of our industry.  Unfortunately, the award is given posthumously.”  Diana McCune accepted the award on behalf of her husband who died while responding to a disabled boater.  In April 2010, McCune, assisted by his wife, responded to a 30-foot boat that had run aground off Islamorada, near Cotton Key, FL, when their boat ran aground and tipped over on the starboard side. Diane was thrown from the boat and treated and released. Sadly, Lee was caught under the superstructure and was pronounced dead at the scene.

At the time of the tragedy, Jerry Cardarelli, Vice President, BoatU.S. Towing Services, said of Lee, “He was an avid power boater, diver, salvage master, videographer, photographer and web page designer.  His creativity and people skills addressed serious matters by spinning them with a humorous anecdote. He could turn difficult situations into laughable.  He'd been Captain at the wheel of a towboat since the 90's with his parents as close partners of BoatU.S. for over 20 years.  He beamed laughter and a positive attitude that was addictive to all who shared his company.”

C-PORT was founded in 1986 to act as a liaison between the marine assistance industry and public agencies and organizations involved with boating safety, marine assistance, marine salvage and other marine-related operations.  Our members are dedicated to providing prompt, professional and timely assistance to all boaters and to actively partner and cooperate with local law enforcement and U.S. Coast Guard. They are professionals, dedicated to the growth and development of their respective businesses and committed to furthering the advancement of our waterways and the boating community.  For more information, contact C-PORT at (954) 261-2012 or visit 


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