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C-PORT Announces New Membership Levels

Growth and Development of the Marine Assistance Industry Builds!
C-PORT Announces New Membership Levels

C-PORT (Conference of Professional Operators for Response Towing) announces new membership levels for its association. Tina Cardone, Executive Director, commented, “The marine assistance industry is supported by a number of ancillary groups including marine insurance professionals, boat builders and other marine product suppliers to individuals who have a close connection to the industry. We wanted a way to reach out to these groups and welcome their insight to the marine industry.”

One of the main goals of C-PORT is to effectively represent the Marine Assistance Industry among policymakers, the administration and other governmental agencies, including preventing the enactment of new regulations or laws that threaten to impose new burdens on the industry. This is essential to the financial health of these small businesses located throughout the country. C-PORT continues to combat unfair competition against the marine assistance industry from public local agencies in areas around the country. “Understanding the challenges facing the industry and finding ways to help these companies maintain their businesses is critical”, stated Cardone. “Increasing our visibility throughout the maritime industry will help us accomplish our goals moving forward.”

C-PORT offers three membership levels. The Marine Assistance Company membership is exclusive to those companies operating in the marine assistance towing and salvage industry. These members provide the vision and help steer the growth of the industry and maintain the voting rights of the association.

C-PORT Associate Membership is designed for persons, companies (other than Marine Assistance Company) or associations that engage in a business which supplies goods and services to, or is in some way related to or supportive of, the marine assistance industry. 

Recently added is the Captain Membership. Cardone noted, “C-PORT members have been asking for a way to extend some of the association benefits to their individual captains and staff. The new Captain Membership is a way to accomplish this goal.” This new level of membership is designed for individuals working at a marine assistance company or for those interested in becoming a part of the marine assistance industry. The Captain Membership provides individuals with access to industry information and other industry resources.

Details of C-PORT membership benefits may be found at its website,


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