Industry Standards for Professional Operations Program Revised


C-PORT (Conference of Professional Operators for Response Towing) is pleased to announce the revision of its ACAPT (Accredited for Commercial Assistance and Professional Towing) program.  “This is a voluntary program available to anyone engaged in the marine assistance business,” stated Tina Cardone, executive director, C-PORT. “The ACAPT program is not new and has been administered by C-PORT for many years,” explained Cardone.  “There have been changes to the make up of the marine assistance industry and this revision is needed to keep pace with the growth and development of our operations.”  The revised accreditation takes into consideration the operational differences between inland and coastal companies.

The boating community, US Coast Guard, and state and local public agencies are often unsure of the qualifications of vessels offering assistance.  The ACAPT emblem signifies that the vessel has met the minimum equipment standards set by regulation and the owner attests to following industry best practices.  The ACAPT marine assistance company is properly insured and its operators are licensed and drug tested in accordance to US Coast Guard regulations.  Accredited companies agree to conduct the business dealings in a reputable and professional manner.

“C-PORT is excited to have this program available to the marine assistance operators throughout the country,” Cardone remarked. “C-PORT encourages the boating public to seek and to use those companies who are recognized as the professional willing to adhere to a high standard of service, training and equipment for their marine assistance needs.”


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