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Marine Assistance Industry Journal

28-Jul-2010 The Marine Assistance Industry Journal    -    Volume III

Chairman's Address -

"Drill Baby Drill",  by Chris Shaffner

Features - 

Changes to Maritime Law Are On the Horizon, by John Fulweiler, Esq.

Merchant Mariner Credentials and Skin Cancer
Editorial -

Transition, From the Desk of Tina Cardone, Executive Director

Items of Interest from our Members - 

C-PORT Members Log Members helping members
Member stars as Blackbeard, the pirate, in new documentary
Read a recap of recent events and past news -

News and Bulletins in Review including:

USCG National Maritime Center Leadership Undergoes a Change
EPA Vessel Discharge Permitting
STCW Changes and Requirements
24th C-PORT Annual Conference Dates
USCG Commandant Change of Command
New Merchant Processing Solutions Offered

C-PORT was founded in 1985 to act as a liaison between the marine assistance industry and public agencies and organizations involved with boating safety, marine assistance, marine salvage and other marine-related operations.  The association was created in part to afford a means of cooperation with the government in matters of national concern; to provide an objective, self-regulating body for the marine assistance industry; and to promote, through legislative, regulatory, and governmental initiatives, the maintenance and expansion of the marine assistance industry.  For more information, contact C-PORT at (954) 261-2012 or visit 


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