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Memorandum of Understanding Signed! C-PORT and NASBLA Embark on New Partnership

20-Sep-2011 Tina Cardone, Executive Director, C-PORT (Conference of Professional Operators for Response Towing) is pleased to announce the ratification of a Memorandum of Understanding Between the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) and C-PORT Regarding a Marine Assistance Industry Quality Partnership.  “This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is unlike many others,” remarked Cardone.  “It embodies a true working relationship between the parties.”  The MOU states in part, “A living Memorandum of Understanding must go beyond the commitment to form a relationship.  It must also articulate an actionable relationship.”  Cardone along with C-PORT Chairman Chris Shaffner and C-PORT Vice Chairman Phil Delano began working on this agreement with NASBLA BOAT Program Director Mark Dupont and NASBLA Law Enforcement Director John Fetterman during the spring while attending a Boating Law Administrator Meeting at Lexington, KY.  Cardone approached Fetterman suggesting C-PORT would welcome a partnership agreement with NASBLA.  Fetterman agreed and suggested a new type of MOU, one that was a living document with implementation strategies for the betterment of both organizations.  “This MOU formalizes an existing partnership between the associations,” added Cardone.  “Many of NASBLA’s programs focus on training and safety, items of high importance to the C-PORT membership.”

The MOU was signed at NASBLA’s 52nd Conference held September 10-September 14, 2011 at Milwaukee, WI.  Signing on behalf of C-PORT was Chris Shaffner, Chairman.  Jim Graybeal, NASBLA President signed on behalf of NASBLA.  Shaffner in a statement commented, “We are excited about how our relationship and participation in NASBLA has developed over the last few years similar to our relationship with the US Coast Guard.  The vision of the Boating Law Administrators and NASBLA staff have inspired us to work hard to contribute what we can to the NASBLA mission statement in conjunction with our own.  Our mutual interests encourage us to continue to develop and improve our standards and education focus.  We are adopting the NASBLA BOAT program as a key element toward expanding our abilities and improving our place as a force multiplier alongside our partners, working in cooperation with our joint non-emergency towing policy.” 

C-PORT was founded in 1986 to act as a liaison between the marine assistance industry and public agencies and organizations involved with boating safety, marine assistance, marine salvage and other marine-related operations. The association was created in part to afford a means of cooperation with the government in matters of national concern; to provide an objective, self-regulating body for the marine assistance industry; and to promote, through legislative, regulatory, and governmental initiatives, the maintenance and expansion of the marine assistance industry.  For more information, contact C-PORT at (954) 261-2012 or visit 

Click here to read the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)


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