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Overboard Boater Rescued off California Coast AFRAS Honors C-PORT Member

01-Feb-2018 C-PORT (Conference of Professional Operators for Response Towing) and AFRAS (Association For Rescue At Sea) celebrated and presented its distinguished lifesaving award at the 31st C-PORT Conference and Membership Meeting held on January 16 at the Wyndham Grand, Jupiter FL. Presenting the award on behalf of AFRAS was Mr. Charles “Skip” Bowen, Master Chief USCG (retired), to Captain Nathan Lins, Cat Tow Inc./ TowBoatU.S. Catalina.

This is the eighth year that AFRAS presented this prestigious award to a C-PORT member.  In 2010, AFRAS had expressed a desire to establish a program, in cooperation with C-PORT, to annually recognize a deserving member of C-PORT that has shown exceptional skill and determination to save lives during a rescue incident in the maritime environment.  The Award is to be conferred on an individual or group of individuals who perform exceptional acts in attempting to save life in the maritime environment.  Instances where the rescuer places their own life at risk were given highest consideration.  Tina Cardone, C-PORT executive director, stated, “This is what our guys do, everyday.  They serve the boaters.  It’s an honor to have them recognized for their lifesaving efforts.”

On September 11, 2017, Captain Nathan Lins of TowBoatU.S. Catalina was towing a disabled vessel when he heard a MayDay call come over the radio for that someone had fallen overboard.  In the boater's own words: "It wasn't till he looked over the side to adjust steering not to run me over that I was overwhelmed with what just happened. He pulled up next to me, very calm and professional, and I was like a cat that just got thrown in a bathtub. I couldn't thank him enough but I didn't want to annoy him either. The truth is I don't know how to thank him. Captain Nathan saved my life."  Read the story of the rescue here:   Rescue off California Coast


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